It is an audiovisual show of approximately one hour created by Ana and Alejandro Häsler, in which music, voice and piano, painting and text are combined.

Its origin was the pictorial work of large dimension by Alejandro Häsler which, with the same title, consisting of thirteen polyptychs or altarpieces painted in oil on cedar wood.

A recital of voice and piano with the projection of images and texts.

The musical program consists of two cycles of songs by two of the great composers of the XX century:

“SONGS OF KNOWLEDGE AND FEELING”, by Juan José Falcón Sanabria.

“POÈMES POUR MI”, by Olivier Messiaen.

Strength and sensuality characterize the work of the Canarian Juan José Falcón Sanabria, these “Songs of Knowledge and Feeling” from the exuberant poetry of Rodolfo Häsler, a cycle of three songs which Falcón Sanabria dedicated to Ana Häsler, which where the composer’s “Swan’s Song”. This was his last musical creation, which speaks of the composer’s “End of Time”. This work combines perfectly with the sensitive and passionate poems in the form of song, the “Poèmes pour Mi”, which Olivier Messiaen composed for his wife as a wedding gift and are based on the sacrament of marriage as a symbol of the union between Christ and the Church.

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Foto: Leandre Escorsell
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