The Apocalypse of Hope and Mercy is an interpretation, by Alejandro Häsler, of the book of Revelation of Saint John of Patmos. Based on thirteen episodes of the last book of the Bible, the artist has created thirteen polyptychs. Each one consists of four painted cedar wood boards, supported from behind by a two and a half meter high wooden cross which fits into a metal table or altar.

The images are painted in oil on the thirteen polyptychs, commented on by the artist himself. These are illustrated in a magnificent book presented inside a box, hidden like a secret which must be revealed as the box is opened.

From the beginning the artist had a clear idea that the presentation of the thirteen polyptychs should be realized through scenes showing the Apocalypse as a liturgy, a true

“total work of art”

that includes music. This is how the audiovisual part came about, with music by Olivier Messiaen and Juan José Falcón Sanabria, written for the voice of the mezzo-soprano Ana Häsler.

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