On Alejandro Häsler:

“If in the images in some way “goyesque” of “The innocent gaze” Alejandro Häsler submerges himself in the agitated waters of daily life, sometimes hard, sometimes with black irony, “Mute eloquence” is a crossing of the abysmal depth. Each one of its figures inhabite the Abysm, although also, strangely, in the glow of hope. Expression and restraint: Everything, absolutely everything is reflected in this landscape with no sign of gestuality or manierism. As in icons, as in El Fayuum portraits, eternity pulses in the fragile passage of an instant. The old teaching comes to life again in Alejandro Häsler. For art to be, Faith is more important than art itself. By making it his, it becomes a confirmation of his maturity as a painter.”Rafael Argullol. Fragment of his writing 'Song of light'

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