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Alejandro Häsler – Visual artist

Alejandro Häsler is a Swiss national born in Santiago de Cuba and currently lives and works in Barcelona, Spain. He began his art studies with his father, the painter Rudolf Häsler, and studied fine arts at Barcelona’s Faculty of Fine Arts. Completing his sculpture studies in Florence and Carrara, he spent six years in Italy where his creative work centered on stone sculptures. He also studied in New York for a year, with a further year in China and Japan, where he took an interest in Chinese calligraphy and traditional painting, as well as wood carving.


  • 1984: Museum of Modern Art of Forte dei Marmi, Italy. Forme del Verde, San Quirico D’ Orcia, Sienna, Italy.
  • 1996: “Camins de la Realitat”. Galería Llucià Homs, Barcelona.
  • 1997: “Realisme d’Avantguarda”. Galería Llucià Homs, Barcelona.
  • 1999: “Pictura Quasi Scriptura”. Galería Serrahima, Barcelona.
  • 1999: “Contemporary Realism in Catalonia”. Santa Mónica Art Center, Barcelona.
  • 2002: “La Habana – La Atlántida”. Bruna Espai d’Art Gallery, Barcelona.
  • 2003: “Quiasma, The Other’s Glance”. Rudolf y Alejandro Häsler.
  • 2003: Three Cultures of the Mediterranean Foundation (Sevilla, España).
  • 2004/06: Tour of the Middle East (Lebanon, Syria and Jordania) and Andalusia.
  • 2006: Briones Palace (Carmona, España).
  • 2007: Pimentel Palace (Valladolid, España).
  • 2011: Exhibition of the “Barcelona Series” in the Sant Cugat Art Museum, Sant Cugat del Vallès, Barcelona.
  • 2012: Exhibition in the Art Gallery La Galería. Conseill de Cent 279, Barcelona.
  • 2014: Participation in the Inauguration Exhibition of the new Beyeler Gallery in Pratteln, Basel, Switzerland.
  • 2016: “Bromer Art Collection”, Roggwil, Suiza.

Awards and Scholarships

  • 1985: he was granted a Cintas Painting Fellowship in New York.
  • 1994: he received the “Maple Leaf Award” in Chinese Painting in Taipei, Taiwan.
He is the author of the project “Apocalypse of Hope and Mercy”, which includes thirteen polyptychs painted in oil on cedar wood of Lebanon, a luxurious book and an audiovisual show with music by Juan Jose Falcon Sanabria and Olivier Messiaen, texts and images.

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